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Have you any idea how easy it is to improve your health, just by tweaking your diet a little?

Whatever your age or stage in life, you CAN feel better, vibrant and vital. In fact, you can feel amazing!

I’m Maresa Mae and I’m a fully qualified nutritional therapist. I can help you feel brighter, healthier and revitalized. I know nutritional therapy works because it worked for me – changing my diet really did change my life.

At one point I was in chronic pain. It was an effort just to walk and I was desperate. At my lowest I thought I would never recover, but finding a nutritional therapist was a turning point and I have never looked back. Find out more about my story.

Good nutrition is about simple, nourishing food. It’s not about diets and restrictions – it’s about balance and knowing what works for you and your body, helping you to feel healthy and re-energized. At a time when our bodies are under stress from the environment, processed foods, overwork, pollution and depleted soils, effective nutrition is essential.

While we all think we know the basics – the 5 a day, less sugar, more protein stuff, in truth our knowledge is compromised. We’re bombarded by adverts and conflicting messages. Our relationship with food is complex and when it isn’t working for us, we feel bad. It’s as simple as that.

But it needn’t be that way. From supporting you to better health or a more comfortable weight, to boosting energy and feeling fantastic, food works.

Want your smile back? I can help.